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Select a compassionate attorney who cares and will listen to your concerns. Yo también hablo español.

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Attorney Limon

I Can Help You Enjoy Life Again

Hi. My name is Abe Limon. I have more than 28 years of experience as an attorney. When I started this firm, I committed myself to helping people navigate through some of life’s storms. Whether it’s a bankruptcy or a will or end-of-life decision-making, I can help calm things down again.

I make sure people’s concerns and needs take center stage. That is why when you visit my firm, you will always see me first. In addition to serving English-speaking clients, I’m able to help Spanish-speaking clients with their legal needs. My team and I look forward to answering your questions and helping you accomplish your goals so that you can enjoy life again.

We Offer Clear Direction And Reassuring Guidance

If your debts have become unmanageable and you need to take control of them again or if you are wisely considering how to write your will or make end-of-life decisions or settle a loved one’s estate, you can count on Limon Law Office to consider your perspective first and foremost.

We will make sure you understand legal fees, legal processes and expected outcomes. My team and I want to keep you fully informed while satisfying your objectives efficiently.

My Philosophy On Bankruptcy

I grew up believing in the concept of grace, which means that we all deserve a second chance. Many people struggling with debt also struggle with fear, shame and embarrassment. But our laws will give you a second chance if you qualify.

The intent of bankruptcy is to help people solve debt problems through a legal, straightforward method. If you qualify, you can save your home from foreclosure, you can stop the repossession of your car, you can stop a collection lawsuit, you can pay your back-due property taxes, or you can simply take control of your debts again and sleep better tonight.