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Want to avoid debt? Here are some tips

You saw how your best friend’s family lived, going from paycheck to paycheck without gaining any savings and adding a mountain of debt. They often ate at restaurants, succumbed to impulse buys, overdid it with credit card spending, and just made poor financial decisions.

10 significant steps to rebuild credit after bankruptcy

Filing for personal bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Yes, it may have been a difficult decision. You’re embarrassed, but it was a necessary step that will shift your life into a better financial direction and turn your back on personal debt. You did it, so now it’s time to move on. But what do you do now?

How NOT to talk about debt with someone who is in it

Money and debt are often connected with personal and emotional concerns. About a third of Americans who have some form of credit are in debt or collections. Bringing up financial issues with someone who has a great deal of debt is tricky. Showing compassion and being supportive is what you should do, the following is a list of things you should not do when talking about debt.

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