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Do women plus student loan debt equal Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

A portion of the approximately 44.7 million people who owe student loans may live right here in Brownsville. Surely, some of them are women. In fact, recent research indicates the odds are high that many of those owing student loans are women. The next question some may ask is whether this could mean that a disproportionate amount of women will file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to make more room in their budgets to pay their student loans.

Could personal loans lead to more Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings?

Struggling with finances is something with which many Texas residents can relate. Finding ways to deal with ever-increasing prices for basic needs such as food, shelter and transportation often leads individuals to live above their means more out of necessity rather than some design to get into overwhelming debt that could easily lead to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When credit cards no longer suffice to meet their needs, many people turn to personal loans to get by.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn't have the same stigma it once did

The financial struggles that Texas residents go through often lead them to a variety of debt relief options. Sadly, many of them will not work for everyone, and those individuals may consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but worry about how it will look to others. Fortunately, the stigma that used to surround this legally protected process has virtually vanished.

Sometimes creditors commit violations in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When searching for a debt relief option, Texas consumers often search for relief from the calls, texts, emails and other communications from creditors. Those struggling with overwhelming debt do not need the constant reminders of what they already know -- they are unable to pay their debts. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy stops this activity through the automatic stay. Creditors are required to adhere to the law that states that they cannot continue to pursue payment as long as the stay is in effect.

Should you get a secured credit card after Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Financial issues are nothing new to residents of Texas. Whether they come about through sudden events such as a job loss, a divorce, or an illness or injury, or through other means, they end result is the same -- calls from debt collectors, struggling to stay afloat and looking for debt relief options. Many of them file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then wonder how to rebuild their credit afterward.

Not every Chapter 7 bankruptcy ends with a discharge

Overwhelming debt can be a major source of stress and frustration for Texas residents. Many of them turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy for relief from these obligations, and look forward to the day when they receive their discharge and get to move forward with a fresh financial start. However, if filers are not careful, their cases could result in a dismissal instead of a discharge.

Will Chapter 7 bankruptcy resolve your financial issues?

These days, it would be difficult to find someone here in Texas who does not have some form of debt. The difference is that not everyone has the capability to repay debts, especially after some sort of financial setback such as a job loss or a divorce. Whether you experienced an event such as this or the amount of your debt simply got away from you, it might be time to consider your debt relief options, including filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Will a Chapter 7 bankruptcy deplete bank and retirement accounts?

The inability to meet financial obligations is something that many Texas residents experience at one time or another. Some people are able to recover from these circumstances, but others cannot. In those cases, they may consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but worry they may lose the money in their bank and retirement accounts.

Owning certain assets may make a Chapter 7 bankruptcy a bad idea

Perhaps a Texas resident has spent several years accumulating certain assets but then falls on hard financial times. With the debt continuing to mount, he or she decides to look into filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in an effort to correct the situation. However, if a person owns certain assets, this may not be the right move.

What does a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee do?

When Texas residents experience financial difficulties, they often feel as though they lost control of their lives. Choosing to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection can help them regain some sense of control and receive a fresh financial start. However, they may continue experiencing that same stress during the proceedings since their fate often rests in the hands of a bankruptcy trustee.

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