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Millennials are starting to accumulate credit card debt

Growing up during the great recession initially resulted in millennials, those ranging in age from 18 to 29, doing their finances differently from their parents. They saved their money and avoided credit card debt, at least until recently. The number of delinquent accounts used by the younger generation here in Texas and elsewhere has risen, and many blame it on offers from credit card companies. 

Watch out for credit card debt relief scams

Job losses, medical emergencies, divorce and more can easily adversely affect the financial lives of Texas residents. Many turn to credit cards in order to keep up with necessities, but soon, those bills become overwhelming as well. By the time credit card debt reaches a critical point, consumers may begin looking for ways to rectify the situation, but they need to exercise caution when doing so.

Facing debt collectors for credit card debt

Many Texas residents experience financial difficulties for a variety of reasons. Credit card debt is often part of those troubles. Once they are unable to make payments on these debts, they may discover the account has gone to collections. Handling this type of situation requires taking several steps. If the situation cannot be satisfactorily resolved, consumers may need to take additional measures to achieve relief from these debts. 

What does the FDCPA have to do with contact re credit card debt?

It seems as though it does not take much to end up with overwhelming financial issues. Credit card debt in particular can sneak up on many Texas residents just as it does for others across the country. For some, it is only when the incessant phone calls from creditors begin that the true scope of the problem really hits home. The last thing that people need as they are struggling with their debt is harassing phone calls.

Dealing with credit card debt collectors

For many Texas residents, the holidays mean buying gifts, which often leads to overspending as people get carried away by the spirit of the season. In the first months of the new year, they may find themselves struggling to pay for the credit card debt incurred at the end of the previous year. When those debts cannot be easily repaid, they end up forced to deal with credit card debt collectors.

The post-holiday let down: Credit card debt

Part of the joy of the holidays for many here in Brownsville is giving. Going out and purchasing gifts for friends and family that they know the recipients will like and enjoy often provides a lot of joy for the giver. The problem is that joy may not last if those presents were purchased with plastic. The credit card debt many people incur during the holidays can haunt them for months or even years after the holiday season ends.

Dealing with credit card debt collectors

It is easy for expenses to sneak up on a Texas resident. A cup of coffee here, a quick lunch there and a few unplanned purchases can easily add up to a significant amount of credit card debt over time. If an individual fails to notice how much of a problem it is until it is too late, debt collectors could already be calling.

Credit card debt continues to rise

On the one hand, as consumer confidence in the economy rose, so did the amount people spent. On the other hand, as people continued to struggle financially, so did the amount of their debt. In both scenarios, the amount of credit card debt carried by consumers here in Texas and across the country began to rise again.

Step-by-step guide to tackling credit card debt

Debt can weigh down almost every aspect of a person's life. Texas individuals facing high amounts of credit card debt have some options for addressing their amounts owing; however, it is important to take the right steps in the right order. Here are some step-by-step instructions people can follow when looking to manage and pay off credit card debt. 

Consequences of only paying the minimum when in credit card debt

It is not uncommon for Americans to carry a balance on their credit cards. Those who are having difficulty with payments may opt to only make the minimum monthly payment on the balance, usually between $20 to $25 or between 1 and 3 percent of the total balance. However, Texas credit card debt holders who do this may face some consequences down the line.

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