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Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start

No one sets out in life intending to arrive at a point of considering bankruptcy. However, life has a way of throwing curveballs, such as:

  • A medical crisis, not an uncommon trigger for financial troubles as health care costs have soared
  • A layoff, demotion or business downturn, sometimes a result of economic forces like falling oil prices
  • A divorce or death in the family
  • Life circumstances resulting in increased expenditures for child care or child support, car repairs, home repairs or other essential needs
  • Mortgage troubles resulting in the threat of foreclosure
  • Accumulation of excess consumer debt, often made worse when interest rates rise and late fees multiply

Don’t Let Debt Problems Take Over Your Life

Sometimes misfortunes such as these result in unmanageable debt. Exploring bankruptcy as a debt relief option may be your next smartest move before you experience serious disruptions such as:

  • Car repossession
  • Eviction
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank account levies

Have you tried to solve your debt problem by taking on a second job, selling assets, negotiating a debt settlement or consolidating debt? Perhaps you have reached the conclusion that you are truly underwater – over your head in debt – and none of these steps will bring the debt relief you need.

Take Back Control Of Your Life and Sleep Better Tonight

If you are struggling with a heavy debt burden, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the smartest move. You can leave your struggles in the past and begin rebuilding your credit.

Dispelling Common Bankruptcy Myths

If the idea of filing for bankruptcy is new to you, a lawyer’s personalized advice can get you past popular misconceptions such as:

Two adults frowning while looking at a documentMyth #1: People who file for bankruptcy are lazy or irresponsible – In fact, the vast majority of bankruptcy clients at my firm, Limon Law Office, in Brownsville have done their best to avoid financial problems. Working as much as they can and making payments as fast as they can simply have not been enough to avoid serious debt problems.
Myth #2: A bankruptcy will leave a black mark on a person’s credit, making life more difficult for a long time – In fact, racking up financial obligations that you cannot repay is very detrimental to your credit rating. Filing bankruptcy gives you the chance for a fresh start. It is true that your credit record will show that you filed for bankruptcy, but it will also show that you have no remaining debts after your discharge.

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