Experienced Attorney Provides Estate Planning And Probate In South Texas

Estate planning and probate are areas of the law that touch on many personal issues. A compassionate lawyer can make a difference by guiding you thoughtfully through the nuts and bolts of:

  • Drafting or revising a will
  • Creating powers of attorney
  • Creating a health care directive (including designation of medical power of attorney for an agent such as your spouse, child or trusted friend)

Express Your Wishes Through A Well-Thought-Out Will

Everyone should have a will, whether or not there are trusts or joint ownership of assets. Without a will, after you die, your family or whoever handles your estate will incur expenses and experience delays. At a stressful time, your representative (such as your son or daughter) will have to spend time obtaining court appointments to administer your estate. Family disputes are especially common in cases where there is no will, where there is a poorly prepared will or where there are children from a different marriage or children out of wedlock.

Prevent unnecessary problems such as a will contest or probate litigation through careful estate planning. Take the time while you are fully competent to put a solid plan in place. In this way, you can ensure distribution of your assets according to your wishes to provide for your family, designated charities or any beneficiaries of your choice. A will can also express your intentions regarding guardianship for your minor children if applicable.

Attorney Abe Limon in Brownsville is prepared to advise you and help you draft or revise your will to achieve your estate planning goals and for peace of mind.

If A Loved One Has Died Or May Soon Pass Away

Limon Law Office also assists family members or other named representatives responsible for estate administration. Avoid complications and delays in settling the estate of your loved one. Mr. Limon is an experienced and understanding probate lawyer well familiar with Texas probate courts and processes. Contact Limon Law Office at +1-956-465-2661 or send an email inquiry through this website.