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When I was about to lose my home, I searched for many lawyers. Unfortunately, all of their prices were skyrocketing, and some lawyers did not seem honest or seem they look for their own benefit. I felt like a pray for them. Then, I met one of the Best Lawyers in the Valley (So many people claimed, so I thought if he is that awesome maybe he will help me out.

So, I called him and explained that I was about to lose my house. (I have to say, I was in a financial mess, I was losing my home, In order to keep up I sold my car, they gave me a lot, a lot less than the car was worth, my son had just gotten out of the hospital, did not have food, and my electricity and water were about to be disconnected, plus we were short on clothing supplies ) and over the phone he told me, “Sorry, I can’t help you, I only help corporations” . I though “WTH”, where is kindness is there any kind to the poor. At least to give you reasonable prices or maybe a probono help ! But no this “Awesome Lawyer, just could not help the needy”, Some other layers required a Huge Down Payment, and I Just did not had the money. I am a widow and I my budged was super tight.So, a couple days I got the Yellow Book and one day I called to his office and he set up and Interview.

I did not want to go cause it was far, but I went.At the beginning I was skeptic, because he looks like a million bucks, the office is small but cozy, have to say, but minutes later I found not lawyer, but a very honest, and kind man. Right away he told me how much he charged me, the price was reasonable. He showed me that he cared of not only for my case, but also about me as human being. The coolest thing is when I went to court, he really cared of people. I met many other guys in my situation, younger people, older people, with worst cases than mine and we all found that that he meant to help people in need and their finances. The best thing is that he explained me all about bankruptcy and told me to trust him. Nowadays its just hard to trust no one, but I trusted Him. That Happened 3 years ago and I am about to finish paying my debts ( $40,000.00 plus) .Trusting him was hard at first, but I once I trusted him, my financial life was easier. There were times when I received letters to dismiss my case, and I panicked (have to admit) so I will call him and ask them and they told me “don’t worry everything is going to be fine, this is a legal process”. There were times where I felt I could not make it with the payments so I visited him, he gave me solutions, but he always told me “Stick to the plan”. Still, he tried to showed me what he could do for me. He showed me many things that he could do, but I trusted him, then I learned faith. I stick to the plan.

So now, I am happy that I met Mr. Abelardo Limon, and I got to say He is some one you have to trust. Hope fully, this review will help you, cause sure it help me and my son. Because of him, we still live in the same home. My recommendations to you, are First Seek God, accept Jesus Christ In your heart, like I did, then follow Mr. Limon recommendations and you will be fine.

If your case is that bad and if he can not help you I am pretty sure he will direct you with the right person. If I will face the same situation I will not doubt to seek his counsel. God Bless you and awesome DAY! 🙂

Posted by MARICELA
October 4, 2012