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Not everyone with a heavy debt burden should file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may not be appropriate for your circumstances for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • You may have a strong moral objection to bankruptcy. Exploring other debt relief options is important to you. Will debt consolidation or another option work in your case?
  • You may not be willing to disclose all debts to the bankruptcy court (a requirement for filing for bankruptcy), including personal loans from friends or family.
  • You may have only one or two unmanageable debts. Negotiating debt settlements with one or two debtors may make much more sense than filing for bankruptcy.
  • The timing might not be right, based on recent debts you have incurred or paid back. You may have to wait six months or a year to file for bankruptcy. In the meantime, you may need to tackle the problem some other way.

Find Your Way To Real Debt Relief

So, what can you do to resolve debts that have become problematic? Talk to me, Texas lawyer Abe Limon, if you have experienced or live in fear of any of the following:

  • Harassment through phone calls and aggressive demand letters from creditors. (“I can’t sleep,” is a common complaint of people with overwhelming debt.)
  • Pending car repossession or repossession of other valuable assets such as machinery that you use for work. (“I need to keep working so I can pay back what I owe but without this lawn care equipment, I will be unable to continue.”)
  • A likely foreclosure on the horizon. (“We will have no place to go if we lose our home.”)
  • Wage garnishment or the threat of it, or a bank account levy. (“My paycheck and bank accounts are under siege!”)

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I, attorney Abe Limon in Brownsville, welcome your inquiry regarding any problematic debtor-creditor issues. I am more than happy to discuss ways to help you confront problems with creditors. I have helped many clients negotiate a reduction of debts and explore other bankruptcy alternatives. Get the conversation going through a free initial consultation by calling me at 956-465-2661 or sending me an email message through this website.

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