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Members of Generation X struggle with medical debt more than most

Having a medical issue can be a stressful experience. Many Texas residents may wait apprehensively to learn what the exact problem is and how -- or if -- it can be treated. Unfortunately, the stress that comes from these factors is not the only type of stress that can accompany medical problems. Most individuals experience considerable stress from the resulting medical debt as well.

Credit card debt can cause stress, other health issues

Staying healthy can depend on several factors in Texas readers' lives. Some of those aspects may not even be considered by numerous people because they do not directly relate to their bodies. However, financial issues such as credit card debt could easily impact a person's health due to the stress and other negative impacts outstanding debt can have.

Job loss, medical debt could lead to Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Many Texas residents likely pride themselves on having their finances in order. However, even individuals who are financially stable one moment could find themselves struggling the next. As a result, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may end up as a viable option that individuals consider when dealing with the fallout of unexpected financial upset.

Financial struggles can easily stem from medical debt

Facing financial struggles can be a substantial source of stress and unhappiness in Texas residents' lives. Unfortunately, even individuals who believed their financial situations to be relatively put together can face unexpected expenses that leave them wondering how they will pay. Medical debt in particular can leave many people feeling the challenges and anxieties of dealing with bills.

Beware your clinic’s medical credit card plan

The cost of everything medical-related, from surgeries to check-ups, can rise to extraordinary heights. Many Texas residents simply can’t afford the healthcare that they need with or without insurance. Although they can’t pay for a procedure, they still know that their health is one of the most important things to protect in life.

Lack of financial knowledge may contribute to credit card debt

Many Texas residents may struggle to fully understand their finances. Numerous others may rely heavily on credit in order to makes ends meet, and due to their lack of financial literacy, they may also face a considerable amount of credit card debt. It is not just state residents that may face this issue as recent reports indicated that people across the country lack proper financial knowledge.

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