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Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the help some Texas residents need

When Texas residents feel that the time has come to face their financial struggles, it can be frightening. However, individuals should feel proud that they are willing to address their problems rather than allowing them to get worse. For some, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the avenue that helps them get back on track with their finances.

Medical debt may cause Texas residents to second guess treatment

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most frightening experiences of a person's life. As he or she battles through the difficulties such a disease can have, fearing for life is not an unrealistic feeling. On top of these difficulties, expenses relating to treatment continue to mount, and even if individuals do make it to remission, they may still face overwhelming medical debt.

Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy right for some Texas residents?

Facing the ups and down of financial instability can be beyond stressful. Any type of expense can suddenly send already limited funds even further into the red. Having to live this way can result in substantial stress and other negative impacts on Texas residents' health. Though some may be considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they may not know whether it is truly right for them.

Texas taxpayers may need refunds to start Chapter 7 bankruptcy

With tax season well underway, many Texas residents may be anxiously awaiting their refunds. However, it is unlikely that most of those individuals who receive refunds will use that money for anything adventurous or out of the ordinary. In fact, some people may even be awaiting their refunds in order to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

10 significant steps to rebuild credit after bankruptcy

Filing for personal bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Yes, it may have been a difficult decision. You’re embarrassed, but it was a necessary step that will shift your life into a better financial direction and turn your back on personal debt. You did it, so now it’s time to move on. But what do you do now?

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