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Care planning for the future is important for you and your family

Do you know what will happen if you if you are no longer able to speak for yourself and express your own wishes regarding your medical care? Who will take care of you if you become sick and unable to care for yourself? These are only a few of the most serious questions that people must ask themselves when drafting complete and thorough estate plans.

Credit card debt surpasses student loans for millennials

Without a doubt, many people throughout the country, including here in Texas, owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. However, a recent report indicates this type of debt is not necessarily the highest that numerous millennials have. Instead, student loans take a back seat to credit card debt for about 25% of those who participated in the survey.

Sometimes creditors commit violations in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When searching for a debt relief option, Texas consumers often search for relief from the calls, texts, emails and other communications from creditors. Those struggling with overwhelming debt do not need the constant reminders of what they already know -- they are unable to pay their debts. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy stops this activity through the automatic stay. Creditors are required to adhere to the law that states that they cannot continue to pursue payment as long as the stay is in effect.

The repayment plan is at the heart of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When Texas residents find themselves in a precarious financial position, they have numerous options for debt relief, depending on their overall circumstances. One option available to many is the filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Before embarking on this debt relief path, it might help to better understand the role of the repayment plan in this process.

Should you get a secured credit card after Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Financial issues are nothing new to residents of Texas. Whether they come about through sudden events such as a job loss, a divorce, or an illness or injury, or through other means, they end result is the same -- calls from debt collectors, struggling to stay afloat and looking for debt relief options. Many of them file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then wonder how to rebuild their credit afterward.

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