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Dealing with credit card debt collectors

It is easy for expenses to sneak up on a Texas resident. A cup of coffee here, a quick lunch there and a few unplanned purchases can easily add up to a significant amount of credit card debt over time. If an individual fails to notice how much of a problem it is until it is too late, debt collectors could already be calling.

Not every debt is discharged in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

It seems as though debt sneaks up on Texas residents. Their lives are busy, and even though it may take months for the situation to become dire, many wake up one morning to realize they are overwhelmed by their financial situations. One of the debt relief options they may pursue is the filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Credit card debt continues to rise

On the one hand, as consumer confidence in the economy rose, so did the amount people spent. On the other hand, as people continued to struggle financially, so did the amount of their debt. In both scenarios, the amount of credit card debt carried by consumers here in Texas and across the country began to rise again.

Why do people turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The odds are that you have some sort of debt just like many other Texas residents do. You may also be like others who consistently perform the same balancing act each month just to stay above water. However, when that balancing act becomes too much to bear, you may turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy for relief, just as many people before you.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy issues: Changes in the debt landscape

Back in 2008, the banking and housing industries experienced a crisis that thrust the country into the Great Recession. Over the last 10 years, consumers' spending habits changed in response to it. For many Texas consumers, that meant filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as they experienced financial hardships.

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