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The repayment plan is at the core of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Many Texas residents experience financial hardships. However, not all of them need to risk losing some of their assets through the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Instead, they may qualify to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in which most people retain most or all of their assets while reorganizing their financial lives and making payments on debts through a repayment plan.

The post-holiday let down: Credit card debt

Part of the joy of the holidays for many here in Brownsville is giving. Going out and purchasing gifts for friends and family that they know the recipients will like and enjoy often provides a lot of joy for the giver. The problem is that joy may not last if those presents were purchased with plastic. The credit card debt many people incur during the holidays can haunt them for months or even years after the holiday season ends.

The basic steps of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Many Texas residents can attest to the fact that struggling with debt is no picnic. Many households reach the point where they can barely afford the necessities, let alone pay any discretionary bills. At this point, they probably attempted to deal with the overwhelming amount of debt through other means before coming to the conclusion that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy would be the best resolution, but the unknown could be intimidating.

No one should suffer under the weight of medical debt

No one plans to get seriously ill or suffer serious injuries. This makes it nearly impossible to plan for it financially. Many Texas residents think that since they have health insurance that they are covered if something happens. Sadly, many people find out that they still owe a great deal of medical debt even with insurance.

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