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Could a short sale help a homeowner facing foreclosure?

Even though the housing crisis appears to be in the country's rear view mirror, that does not mean that homeowners here in Texas or elsewhere in the country stop having trouble making their mortgage loan payments. Job losses, serious medical issues and other circumstances could still make it nearly impossible to make these important payments. When a homeowner faces foreclosure, exploring the option of a short sale might be worth the time.

Struggling with overwhelming medical debt is far too common

Getting sick or injured here in Texas or elsewhere in the country can be expensive. Even with health insurance, some people end up owing thousands of dollars in medical debt. Anyone experiencing this right now should know that others are going through the same thing.

What does the FDCPA have to do with contact re credit card debt?

It seems as though it does not take much to end up with overwhelming financial issues. Credit card debt in particular can sneak up on many Texas residents just as it does for others across the country. For some, it is only when the incessant phone calls from creditors begin that the true scope of the problem really hits home. The last thing that people need as they are struggling with their debt is harassing phone calls.

Track your finances with these tips

The first step to get out of debt is to get a grip on your finances. Maintaining a firm understanding of your income in comparison to your expenditures will help you begin to make necessary adjustments.

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