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Dealing with credit card debt collectors

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Credit Card Debt |

It is easy for expenses to sneak up on a Texas resident. A cup of coffee here, a quick lunch there and a few unplanned purchases can easily add up to a significant amount of credit card debt over time. If an individual fails to notice how much of a problem it is until it is too late, debt collectors could already be calling.

How a consumer deals with these calls matters. Avoiding them could only make matters worse. Instead, it might be more useful to make contact proactively in order to see whether an agreement can be reached regarding the balance owed. Another mistake that many people make is agreeing to pay the balance that the debt collector says is owed. It would be better to first request this information in writing to be sure that is actually the true balance, and to make sure that it is actually a debt owed by the person being called.

If all of the information provided is correct, it may be possible to negotiate a lower balance and/or lower payments. In many cases, creditors will accept a lower balance in order to make sure they get paid something, which is better than nothing. This could end up saving a Texas consumer a significant amount of money on the debt over time.

Before talking to a creditor or debt collector, it would be beneficial to understand what rights a consumer has. The person on the other end of the phone would probably prefer a person who owes credit card debt to believe they have no other choice than to “do what they are told” by the debt collector. Understanding his or her rights and enlisting some help with this matter could help eliminate the stress of dealing with debt collectors and could result in a better deal that is more affordable.