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Many here in Texas struggle to find solutions to medical debt

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Medical Debt |

Many Texas residents avoid going to the doctor as much as possible due to the high cost of health care. However, there are times when seeking medical attention is unavoidable. When a serious illness or injury strikes, the accompanying medical debt could financially devastate a family, and finding a satisfactory way to deal with it could prove elusive.

The first thing that any Texas resident should do when receiving a medical bill is to verify that it is in fact a bill and that the charges are not covered by insurance. Once verified, entering into negotiations with the provider could prove useful. Many medical professionals would rather receive some form of payment rather than none at all.

Payments plans may be an option if a patient has the financial means. Some people dip into their emergency funds or use their credit cards to pay off medical debt, but this may not be ideal. In addition, it may not be possible since a significant illness or injury could limit income options during recovery. Those funds and credit cards may be used for living expenses, not medical ones. Debt collectors could begin calling after some time, so addressing the issue as soon as possible would be preferable.

One option that many people take advantage of is filing for bankruptcy. When facing thousands of dollars in medical debt, it could prove to be the best debt relief option available. The process can be complex and frustrating, however. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court requires a significant amount of information and paperwork, and gaining an understanding of the legal requirements is crucial to using this option to its fullest potential.