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Families want to pay their medical debt, but many aren’t able to

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Medical Debt |

Like other families across the country, many here in Texas struggle financially. One of the reasons for some families’ struggles is due to medical debt. Even a brief trip to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars, even with health insurance.

For instance, one family from another state currently struggles with around $15,000 in medical bills. Approximately $2,000 represents a visit to the emergency room for one of the couple’s children who had trouble breathing. She was sent home with a diagnosis of congestion, but recently had to return for the same issue, and received a different diagnosis and more medical bills.

The family’s health insurance deductibles reached upwards of $8,000, which many Texas residents may also have. Even though the father now has union insurance with no deductibles, it does not help with the already accumulated bills, and the family remains responsible for some out-of-pocket expenses. Like many other families, their income is not enough to cover their debts.

The fact of the matter is that it is expensive to suffer from an illness or injury in the United States. Far too many people find themselves in dire financial straits when they have to seek out medical attention. Many people avoid going to the doctor if they do not believe it to be an emergency, which could prevent early diagnosis of serious conditions.

When individuals end up with large amounts of medical debt, they often feel as though their financial situations will never recover. Fortunately, debt relief options such as bankruptcy could change that. Whether filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, consumers could receive the fresh financial start they need in order to move forward.