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Medical debt is out of control even among the insured

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2019 | Medical Debt |

There is no way around the fact that suffering from a sudden and serious illness or injury in this country is an expensive prospect. Like elsewhere in the country, Texas residents who have health insurance often find out that it provides only a false sense of financial security. Most insurers will not cover all of the medical debt incurred, which leaves unsuspecting patients with significant financial struggles as they try to keep up with what medical providers say they still owe.

A recent poll found that of the 91% of the people who responded had health insurance; of those, 53% still struggle to pay their medical bills. People deplete their savings, use their credit cards and may even switch jobs in order to pay for health care. Not surprisingly, the monetary struggles do not end with the patients. Family members may also find their finances affected as they try to help care for ill loved ones. Even paying for basic necessities can become difficult.

With medical care costing so much, patients may assume they are receiving the best care possible. Sadly, that is not always the case. A large percentage of people report that staff is not responsive, their care plans are not well coordinated and there is not enough clarity regarding the services they are to receive. Other patients report they suffered from serious medical mistakes. Even so, patients are still expected to pay.

An occasional visit to the doctor may not result in exorbitant medical debt for many Texas residents, but if they suddenly find themselves facing a serious illness or injury, that could change. Few people can financially prepare for the expense that usually follows. Even with health insurance, the bills can quickly get out of control. When that happens, it may be a good idea to explore all of the debt relief options available, including bankruptcy.