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What does the foreclosure process entail?

Brownsville residents who get behind on their mortgage loan payments could face legal ramifications from their lenders. Upon purchasing a home, it becomes collateral for the loan, which means that failing to make the agreed-upon payments could mean the lender will initiate foreclosure proceedings. During this process, the lender attempts to take possession of the loan's collateral -- the home.

Could a workout agreement protect a homeowner from foreclosure?

For whatever reason -- a job loss, an illness or some other calamity -- Brownsville homeowners could find themselves struggling financially. It may become a challenge to meet the demands of a mortgage lender during this time. A homeowner may believe that it is possible to bounce back, but whether that can happen before foreclosure proceedings are filed remains a question. 

Could a short sale help a homeowner facing foreclosure?

Even though the housing crisis appears to be in the country's rear view mirror, that does not mean that homeowners here in Texas or elsewhere in the country stop having trouble making their mortgage loan payments. Job losses, serious medical issues and other circumstances could still make it nearly impossible to make these important payments. When a homeowner faces foreclosure, exploring the option of a short sale might be worth the time.

Should the foreclosure option be furloughed during the shutdown?

There may be 800,000 federal workers not getting paid right now, but the partial government shutdown affects numerous other people as well, and many live here in Texas. As time goes on, it is inevitable that some of those affected may not be able to make their mortgage loan payments. Some are calling for the foreclosure process to be put on furlough for those affected by the country's current political struggles.

Options for responding to a foreclosure notice

Many people think they are out of options when they receive a Notice of Delinquency from their mortgage lender, but the reality is that there are some steps that can be taken to help save the family home. Texas individuals and families facing a foreclosure should work to understand the process and laws in detail in order to respond in the best possible way. With the right information and support, slowing down the process of foreclosure may be a possibility.

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